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Islamic books

Islamic Books Online is a way to learn about Islam today. A large number of books that consist of different topics of Islam are online. A wide range of information is provided through online Islamic books. So Islamic Books Online is very useful for Muslims and also to see the light of Islam .

Religion is a topic that may be controversial, sometimes many people have different perceptions of the same doctrine. For each person, their beliefs and faith is the only way to live and not easy for them to show the acceptance of other religions. But
Islam is the only religion momentum created by the Almighty Himself. Islamic Books Online is a great help for non-Muslims to learn a lot about Islam.
Islamic Books Online will help us discover what Islam is. It also helps us learn about God and the Messengers of God and his teachings. Islamic Books Online understand the concept of Islam to Muslims and non Muslims. People can find out what is Islam and Islam to establish their personal and collective to create a better world. Islam is the only true religion. Messengers of God has shown us the path of Islam. They sacrificed their lives to teaching people the subject of Islam. They demonstrated that Islam is the true source of life and said that the application of the rules of Islam to bring peace to our lives and society. The online Islamic books helps us to know these things very quickly.
The online Islamic books helps us to get the answer of why
Islam . If we want peace, then we must also learn to live in peace and we must know why Islam. Peace, the expectation of each and every one of the world. Man is a social being. Must live in a community to survive in a systematic way. The result of a systematic perfect way of life is peace. Peace can be defined as the result of correct application of the code of life given by God Almighty. Islamic Books Online let us know about the code of life given by the Almighty.
Islamic Books Online that makes us know the Islamic culture. We read stories Islamic poetry, novels, etc. Again Islamic Books Online shows the glorious past of Islam. We are familiar with our greatest conquerors, who were the torchbearers of Islam. It allows us to separate between the past and current evil of Islam. It helps us find ways to get relief from this situation and put in the glorious past of Islam again. We can read Islamic Books Online and learn how to make this possible.

What is a Muslim

What is a Muslim is a search for all inquiring minds. Usually known as a Muslim who follows the religion of Islam. Today, a common idea prevails everywhere, that when a child is born into a family belonging to the Muslim call to be considered as the answer to what is Muslim. I hope this article answer What is Islamic and What is Islam is ready.

What is a
Muslim is not a sentence of as little importance. If someone wants to learn about Islam, anxious to know why Islam is forced to live in peace, so you should have a clear idea about the answer to what is Muslim.
What is a
Muslim may respond refer those who submit to the Code for the life of God himself. When someone wants to live in peace, which should obey the Islam as the only code of life. Only then is considered a Muslim , even after following another religion like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc would be great for anyone, how a man of another religion than Islam can be a Muslim ? And how an unbeliever hear the question, what are the Muslim .
What is a
Muslim word contains a mess Muslim es Salaam. The directives that accept God in his public life, is known as a Muslim . If humanity continues to refuse the other, so you must live in peace (Islam). Since God is the creator of all mankind, it is logical that knows everything, and if the code of life it is perfect to give us peace, Islam and supporters that became known as the Muslim and for both may be the answer to the question, what is Muslim.
What is a
Muslim also pave the way to Jannat. Muslim is one of the most important prerequisites for the faithful to go to Jannat (heaven). In Qur'an Allah commands the momens (believers) to die without being Muslim . It can be a Muslim without being a believer. It is simply the acceptance of the law of life by God in the life denying others. One can obey what he wants, but if he surrenders to God by the directives, to be a Muslim , I am. AD is the answer, which is Muslim .

The easiest way to learn about Islam

Islam Online is the easiest way to learn about Islam today. There are a number of Islamic websites on the net that serves people worldwide have inquiring minds about Islam . It is surprising to learn both together on the net where you can find with a little effort. Islam Online also helps us to preach the topic of Islam to all corners of the globe within a very short time. It helps us get the answer to the question of why Islam and Islam is a living portrait. Today when we can not think of a day without internet, at the same time, Muslims do not think of his days without Islam Online.
Islam Online refers to all documents and information you find on the net. Islam is the only life we ​​have to continue to live in peace. When we follow God's rules and apply them correctly in the land, the result is unlimited peace and security, and if we obey the laws that man, the result will be anarchy, disorder, cruelty, agitation, and the shedding of blood in the soil. And for that we need to know what God gave us in the Qur'an aimed to create a beautiful world. We need to know much more information. In this area, Islam Online is a necessity.
Islam Online is a dynamic way to find and know about Islam . Islam is the only religion that has a complete lifestyle. We must apply the rules of Islam to live a better life. And Islam Online helps us to know the specific rules. Again, Islam Online  gives us the history of Islam , some sites describe the Islamic names, Islam and marriage, etc. These places serve as Islamic cultural center and sometimes as an Islamic
shop. Sites online Islamic books,Islamic poems, the condition of Muslims is also designed to take line Islam . But the fact is hardly a single online site to bring the truth about the glory of Islam and Islam across the board as the Islamic website to see whole aspect of Islam at a glance. But nevertheless, if we find all these easy since there is only one way, Islam Online.

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Miracle (Mojeza) is a unique event supernatural God Almighty. It is available in the history of Islam. Many Messenger of Allah, sent to earth to teach mankind the right direction to live in Peace. When a messenger of Allah is a community and encourages them to accept God as the only sovereign, most of the infidels and the proof of what people demand. Definitely a very logical demand. To resolve this problem, the Messenger of Allah has given him some special ability of God to carry out the supernatural events of the common man's faith is known as Mojeza or Miracle. Allah is the delivery of the events that the messengers. Then the miracle is defined as unique events and of other than Allah has given for approval messengers, called Miracle. Different messengers brought different kinds of miracles. Such as, understand Solaiman (As) the language of the angles, animals and birds. The staff of Moses (Ace) is a large and formidable snake after launch. The touch of healing lepers of Christ and are born blind. Amounts to a dead man for three days. But the most impressive is the miracle of the word is absent in the Holy Quran. God used the word ayah (verse), ie, the sign in place of the miracle. Every miracle performed by the messengers of Allah is a sign of approval, and these events do not like the natural rule that make the man understand that there may be a common man. He must be a messenger of Allah , otherwise how? According to this logic, where smoke is present must fire is present. This means smoking is the reason for the fire. Like the ayah (verse) in the Qur'an are signs that this is an unusual creation is a book of Allah . Another unusual character of this identification is a miracle.

What is the religion

What is religion "is a very important question to know. Usually belong to a false sense of those words. Religion is generally known to us as a collection of a traditional celebration of a regular or occasional, even though relating a very different meaning. What religion will be ready before us if we want to be aware of the phrase "code of life." usually, surprised both the word religion and code of life.

What religion will discuss here, but first take a look at the lives of long-term code. `
Code of life": a set of instructions, rules and regulations, that is going to survive in a partnership of the discipline. Rules and regulations may give God the Creator or man himself. When men follow perfect rules of Allah, and obviously the end result will be Peace and security. on the contrary, no doubt, under the rules of the man himself, the result will be anarchy, injustice, confusion, agitation, the shedding blood, etc.

What religion are now making it clear. In fact, religion is nothing more than code implemented. The real meaning has been hidden intentionally touch with a long-term plan. The result of the code of life, God will, obviously,
Peace and security. But the rules of God is not advantageous for Satan loves people in the world. So they created a Code of life itself. But after a few days, they faced a new problem of their moral lives. Another source of life prepared. Therefore, another the faulty system socialism, communism, fascism, dictatorship, democracy has come to exist, but none of them is a success because they are all men, there is so little account and benefit.

True religion

True religion can only be regarded as Islam. Islam is the religion (in fact it means the Code of life), which can only be considered as a perfect Code of life due to its origin. There is a code from the mundane of life rather than entirely heavenly God Almighty.True religion, before knowing the details about this to raise awareness about what is the first religion. Religion is the word most often used to make us understand a traditional celebration / ritual of different events ranging from Muslim, Hindu, Buddha, and Christian society. Pray Allah system, fasting, giving money to God Almighty nice now it's just like religion. In the religion of reality is something completely different. Religion really means the Code of life, the collection of some rules and regulations with which one will survive in a community. The Code of life that can provide an unlimited peace and security can be considered as the True religion.
True religion (or rather Code of life) is such that it will be perfect perfect, absolute and complete. In True religion there is no perfect code penal, educational system, financial system, foreign relations, etc. exchange system not raise a single issue that may not exist in this system. Providing such system is possible only by the Almighty God. Because He is the creator of the universe, who better to know about the welfare of this universe? For this reason, God has said in the Quran that the order will be effective only by God. The obvious result of this is the Islam of peace and security, ie.
True religion is displayed before when you can be clear about what is Islam and why Islam is required to determine that the Islam on the face of the earth. If we study the history of Islam , will have no other proof of this fact. By contrast, when we use man-made religion (Code of life) as socialism, communism, dictatorship, fascism, democracy, etc. The result is presented before us. So the decision is to adopt the code by God.

Jihad is an Arabic

Jihad is an Arabic word that generally means efforts. In a broad sense, any attempt to put something in success, called Jihad . Normally in Islam, Jihad refers to the effort to establish the code of life that God (the obvious result that there is Peace or Islam) in all areas of our lives. In the Quran Allah has said it has sent the Messenger of Allah (sm.) to win his code of life of each code lives worldwide.

Jihad is the word referred to the Almighty Allah in the Quran, that Jihad was mandatory for every believer (Mu'min). Here's one thing to make is that Jihad does not mean violence, but try to put anything in victory. The medical method of Jihad can be busy (trying to understand), the argument (showing signs of proof), writing, etc.
Jihad is now only considered as it has to do with weapons. But Allah has mentioned the word "ketal" take extreme state of Jihad . We have often confused these two words. These two words are completely different words, but symbiotic. In a specific condition will both nineteen to one another.
Jihad, why it has become mandatory? Knowing the answer, let's do a brief review of the past. God created us, and if the only perfect and complete code of life to survive in the world to Peace and security. When we want to establish a life of code (usually confused with the religion of the word) of God, and obviously the end result will be Peace and security unlimited. To establish this code of life is the only one who is chosen by Allah is Jihad . You can not prefer the way, but it is certainly the right way, because God is absolutely perfect selection. If we become aware of What is Islam, and why Islam is considered the only source life appointed by God as we learn more about Jihad .